We advertise to the world and therefore we employ the worldly… Our team is all around the world with different backgrounds, cultures, religions, skin color and beliefs, but we have one thing in common:

Facebook marketing and advertising experience…

…and we communicate creatively in an equally diverse worldwide environment.

As one of the top 3 Facebook Advertising Agencies in the world and leading our clients to the top of mind of the worldwide market, we strive to create personalised Facebook advertising strategies that will finally connect you to the World Wide Web and all its billions of users!

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Jennifer Sheahan

Jennifer Sheahan

Jennifer Sheahan

Market your products, services and businesses in Facebook’s dynamic environment



Founder of advertising agency Social Groove, Jennifer has for many years helped entrepreneurs and business owners to acquire the skills and knowledge they need to market their products, services and business in this dynamic environment. She is the innovator of a unique and successful system that is applicable to all kinds of businesses – online and offline, big and small.Both online and offline businesses that recognize the role that social media plays in today’s society engage Jennifer to design and monitor their Facebook advertising campaigns. She has worked closely with well known and successful marketers including,  Anthony Robbins, Eben Pagan, Frank Kern, Trey Smith and James Schramko on their Facebook marketing plans.Jennifer Sheahan is well regarded in the online business community; she is a well known and sought-after public speaker who travels extensively throughout the world in both a learning and teaching capacity.  A gifted speaker, she has most recently been a guest presenter at:

  • Shoemoney’s Elite Retreat, in San Francisco (2011)
  • Ed Dale’s “Going Pro” Conference, Melbourne (2011)
  • Trey Smith’s Software Seminar, San Diego (2011)
  • Masters of Conversion Seminar, Gold Coast, Australia (2011),
  • Fast Web Formula 3, Sunshine Coast, Australia (2011).
  • Internet Profits, Chicago, IL (2012)
  • SEO BrainTrust, San Diego, CA (2012)

While many people believe that advertising on facebook is complex and expensive, Jennifer believes that by investing the time to learn proven strategies, what she calls ‘cracking the facebook code’, every business can grow and profit.To discuss your campaign with us: help@fbadslab.com


Pricing and Plans

Pricing and Plans

Monthly managed services to suit your needs



Ad Blast

from £750/mo

Best for: Driving traffic for lead and sales generation; testing Facebook PPC traffic. Fees: 15% of monthly ad spend. No set-up fees for contracts longer than 6 months

  • Full campaign management
  • Weekly reporting
  • Precise targeting & optimization
  • Mobile ads, retargeting, Offers, Promoted Posts & Sponsored Stories

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from £750/mo

Includes Ad Blast Package
Best for: Facebook brand positioning. Create a ‘website on Facebook’ with multiple tabs. Setup fee: from £1,500+

  • Page setup/design/redesign
  • Bespoke Facebook app build
  • Viral email acquisiton tab
  • Video shoot/animated video as required
  • Other tabs as required: e.g. Website/YouTube/Pinterest

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from £1,050/mo

Includes Ad Blast Package
Best for: Engagement and community building

  • Daily branded picture posts and text posts
  • Maximize engagement & increase EdgeRank
  • Post scheduling & optimization
  • Branded viral posting app
  • Weekly posting metrics report

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Premium package

from £1,550/mo

Includes Enterprise Package

Best for: Fully management and customer service. Pricing: £1,550 up to 10k fans, £1,800 
up to 50k fans, POA 
over 50k fans

  • Spam post removal
  • Alerting customer service/sales reps to posts
  • Liking and replying to posts
  • Secure backup of Page data
  • Customer service and reputation management, on request

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